Molsheim and its region

Millenary city, ancient bishopric and university, birthplace of the Bugatti cars, situated at the gates of the Vosges, along the Wine Route, Molsheim is a historical, touristic and vine-growing town, very well served by transport routes and benefiting from all social, cultural, sports and welcoming infrastructures: from camping to three star hotels.

Besides the Jesuit church, it is with great pleasure that tourists discover the Chartreuse sheltering the historical museum and the Bugatti foundation, the "Metzig" (Butcher’s house) built in 1525, the fortifications and Blacksmith’s towers, the Hôtel de la Monnaie erected in 1573, the Dompeter, the oldest church of Alsace, the Oberkirch castle, the chapel of the old convent of Notre-Dame as well as several other buildings of the Renaissance.

Warning, Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health consume with moderation.