Our bio-cultivation

We cultivate our vineyard in harmony with nature !

From the land that we till to the old vine, producing our Gewurztraminer, the great vintage of Bruderthal or our late grape harvests, we respect the flora and fauna as far as possible. Our vines are "driven" by certain principles:

  • we apply the specifications of the biological cultivation of vines and are regularly checked by an authorized organization.
  • natural sowing then ploughing at the end of winter.
  • fighting a biological war, we don’t use any chemical weed-killers, we only plough to contain bad weeds.
  • a lot of our work is carried out manually (cutting, binding, removal of vine shoots, tying...), this allows us to observe the step-by-step evolution.
  • the summer treatments (particularly against blight and mildew) are especially carried out uniquely with sprays having active matter in the nature or bacteria (ex: bacillus) for fighting against grape worms.
  • for the grey rot, we prevent excessive vitality by limiting the input of organic fertilizers and practicing summer sowing in frames thus limiting the proliferation of fungus.
  • to finish, the harvest is only done manually, by selecting the right date after the ageing of the vines.

In deed, the land that we cultivate is only a loan granted to us by Nature, and it is for us to make sure that we do not deceive her and provide the future generations with a maximum chance for a life in perfect harmony with Nature.

We would like you to share all these sensations by tasting our wines and thus saying:

The Heitz wines, it is Nature in your glass!

Warning, Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health consume with moderation.